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Statistical Physics (Prof. Mecke)

Computational Physics (Seminar)



Time and place:

ggf. Ort und Zeit nach Vereinbarung

  • 14:00-18:00, Room TL 1.140
  • 8:00-12:00, Room SR 00.103
  • 12:00-16:00, Room HB

Fields of study

  • WPF Ph-BA 56789ABCDEF
  • WPF PhM-BA 56789ABCDEF
  • WPF Ph-MA 123456789ABCDEF
  • WPF PhM-MA 123456789ABCDEF


This seminar will explore some of the diverse areas of research in soft matter, many-body quantum physics, biophysics, and liquids.

There are some slots for regular seminars, but the main goal of this seminar is to present the results of the projects in the
"Advanced Projects in Computational Physics (WP-2)" and "Advanced Projects in Computational Materials Physics (WP-2-MAT)"

There will be an advance meeting to allocate topics, held on Tuesday 10 April 2018, at 17:00 in SR 02.779 (Theorie 2).

Students are expected to prepare their talk during the term and the summer break with support by the tutors; the final presentation will be held during a workshop at the end of the summer break.