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Statistical Physics (Prof. Mecke)

Computational Soft Matter Physics (Seminar)



Time and place:

ggf. Ort und Zeit nach Vereinbarung

  • 14:00-18:00, Room TL 1.140
  • 8:00-12:00, Room SR 00.103
  • 12:00-18:00, Room HB

Fields of study

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  • WPF PhM-BA 56789ABCDEF
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  • WPF PhM-MA 123456789ABCDEF


This seminar will explore some of the diverse areas of research
in soft matter physics.

There will be an advance meeting to allocate topics, held on Monday 20 July 2015, at 14:00 in SR 01.683 (Theorie 1).

Students are expected to prepare their talk during the term, with support by the tutors; results will be presented in a workshop at the end of the term, from 16 to 18 February 2016.

Some of the topics, marked [num], offer the possibility to do an additional numerical
project as part of "CP2" (module WP-2).

Foams and minimal surfaces

- Liquid Foam Structure and Topology
- Aging and coarsening of liquid foams (Evolver) [num]
- Self-assembly of triply-periodic minimal surfaces

Melting in confinement and other phase transitions

- Melting in two dimensions (Metropolis Monte Carlo, XY model) [num]
- Packing on curved surfaces: Topological defects [num]
- Nucleating a crystal (Molecular dynamics) [num]
- Liquid/gas transition in a LJ fluid (Wang-Landau) [num]
- Percolation: Conductance of carbon nanotube assemblies [num]


- Density functional theory for liquids [num]
- Swimming at low Reynolds numbers

Granular Media

- Granular Media: Jamming as a phase transition?
- Numerical simulation of jammed packings (Lubashevsky-Stillinger) [num]
- Imaging granular media by computed tomography [num]