ECAP Anniversary – 15 Years of Astroparticle Research in Erlangen

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Prof. Christian Stegmann, a founding member of ECAP, delivers the jubilee speech in honour of ECAP's 15 year anniversary

The Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics turned 15 years old in May 2023, time to celebrate the anniversary in our new ECAP Laboratory.

“The ECAP is just in its adolescence and I will be glad to come back and see it in adulthood five years from now” Prof. Christian Stegmann said in his jubilee speech, where he emphasised achievements of the centre and its personnel of scientists, technical and administrative staff. Prof. Stegmann is a founding member of the ECAP and thus was able to tell anecdotes in an inspiring speech, encouraging colleagues to continue solving open questions in astroparticle physics by contributing in leading roles to the current and next generation experiments in the field.

Prof. Stefan Funk, director of the ECAP, welcomed the current and former staff as well as guests and also highlighted the role of Prof. Gisela Anton in shaping the science portfolio of ECAP. Prof. Anton retired recently, but continues to support the scientific activities at ECAP on a regular basis.