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High-Energy Astrophysics (Prof. Funk)


The research focus of the Funk group is in the area of high-energy astrophysics. In particular we are:

  • Developing instrumentation for ground-based instruments such as H.E.S.S., SWGO and CTA
  • Investigating high-energy environments in the universe using gamma rays and other messengers
  • Performing astro-quantum optics experiments such as intensity interferometry with arrays of optical telescopes
  • Using high-power lasers (NIF, PHELIX) to study in the laboratory astrophysical processes relevant for high-energy astrophysics
  • Transferring techniques from astroparticle physics to other areas such as medical physics or non-destructive testing

We are embedded in international collaborations for instruments such as the Fermi-LAT (Fermi Large Area Telescope) onboard NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope satellite, and the Cherenkov telescopes H.E.S.S. (High Energy Stereoscopic System) and CTA (Cherenkov Telescope Array).






A rendering of the Medium-Size Telescope (MST) of the CTA Observatory