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Members of the group are working at ECAP and at DESY in Zeuthen.

The work of the group is best described by current topics that group members are working on. Please also check out the overview here: neutrino-astronomy/radio-detection/

Work by Group Members

  • Dr. Maddalena Cataldo (@ ECAP)
    Post-Doc working on hardware for RNO-G and astrophysics accessible with RNO-G and IceCube-Gen2, as well as the tribo-electric effect.
  • Dr. Steffen Hallmann (@ DESY)
    Post-Doc working on simulations for RNO-G and IceCube-Gen2. A particular focus is the flavor sensitivity of radio detectors.
  • Dr. Robert Lahmann (@ ECAP)
    Staff researcher working on the signal propagation in the ice.
  • Sjoerd Bouma (@ ECAP)
    PhD candiate working on the reconstruction of radio data from RNO-G and on simulations and reconstruction for IceCub-Gen2.
  • Jakob Henrichs (@ DESY)
    PhD candidate working on hardware and analysis for RNO-G and IceCube-Gen2.
  • Zack Meyers (@ DESY)
    PhD candidate working on first level filtering of RNO-G data.
  • Lilly Pyras (@ DESY)
    PhD candidate working on air shower sensitivity of radio neutrino detectors.
  • Anna Eimer (@ECAP)
    Master student working on antenna calibration.
  • Philipp Laub (@ECAP)
    Master student working on event classification for RNO-G.
  • Paul Lehmann (@ECAP)
    Master student working on information field theory reconstruction.
  • Karen Terveer (@ ECAP)
    Master student working on radio signal propagation in the ice.
  • Janna Vischer (@ECAP)
    Master student working on neutrino flavor reconstruction.
  • Klaus Hübner (@ ECAP)
    Bachelor student working on amplitude calibration for lightning detected with LOFAR.
  • Prof. Dr. Anna Nelles (@ DESY & ECAP)
    Works on the coordination of the group. She is chair of the IceCube-Gen2 radio working group, one of the PIs of RNO-G, Co-Chair of the High Energy Focus Group of SKA and member of the LOFAR cosmic ray key science project.

If you are interested in joining this group, please check out the thesis topics page.

Previous theses can be found at completed theses.

Work by Former Group Members

  • Nora Feigl
    Graduated as Master student in 2021 working on the calibration of the RNO-G hardware.
  • Simon Hillmann
    Graduated as Bachelor student in 2021 on Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) for radio neutrino detection.
  • Carina Kanitz
    Graduated as Bachelor student in 2020 working on signal propagation in the atmosphere.
  • Ilse Plaisier
    Graduated with her PhD in 2022, working on the reconstruction of the neutrino arrival direction obtainable with RNO-G
  • Christoph Welling
    Graduated with his PhD in 2022, working on the energy reconstruction for neutrinos in radio detectors.