ECAP Seminar

Winter Term 2023/24

October 1913:00Christoph WenigerGRAPPA, AmsterdamLow-cost high-fidelity data analysis with simulation-based inference
October 2613:00Jamie HolderBartol, DelawareSpace Lasers and Aliens: Searching for optical transients with Gamma-ray Light Buckets
November 1613:00Denys MalyshevUniversity of TübingenSearch for primordial black hole dark matter with X-ray satellites and prospects for future missions
November 2313:00Esra BulbulMPE, GarchingFirst Results from the eROSITA All-Sky Survey: An Open Window to Precision Cosmology
November 3013:00Heinrich PäsTU DortmundNeutrinos, Quantum Gravity and the Big Questions – New Ideas for New Data
December 513:00Carlos ArguellesHarvard UniversityNews from the IceCube Neutrino Observatory and Related Phenomenology
December 1413:00Cosmio NigroIFAEGammapy/AGNPy
January 1113:00Lucy OswaldUniversity of OxfordPulsars
January 1813:00Mirco HuennefeldTU DortmundEvidence for neutrinos from the Galactic plane
January 2513:00Gabrijela ZaharijasNova Goritza University, SloveniaDark matter searches in the Galactic Center

Summer Term 2023

June 1513:00James MatthewsUniversity of OxfordUltrahigh energy cosmic rays: an origin story
July 2013:00Benedetta CiardiMPA, GarchingModeling and Observations of Cosmic Reionization 

 Winter Term 2022/23

October 2713:00Miguel Sanchez-CondeUniversidad Autónoma de MadridDark satellites as cosmological probes and gamma-ray dark matter targets
November 2413:00Alba DomiECAPQuantum Gravity Searches with Neutrino Telescopes
December 813:00Jost MigendaKing’s College LondonObserving Supernova Neutrinos with Hyper-Kamiokande and SNEWS 2.0
January 1213:00Norbert WernerMasaryk UniversityMonitoring the High-Energy Sky with Small Satellites
January 1913:00Georg Hager, Johannes VehRRZENews from NHR@FAU – Fritz, Alex and Woody
January 2613:00Kathryn KreckelARI/ZAH HeidelbergResolving the Baryon Cycle within Nearby Galaxies
February 913:00Lauren RhodesUniversity of OxfordMWL observations of GRBs

Summer Term 2022

April 2713:00Kay Graf, Stefan FunkECAPNew ECAP Lab information
May 1213:00Silvia CelliLa Sapienza University of RomeOn the radiation signatures of Galactic PeVatrons: the gamma-ray and neutrino perspective
May 1914:00Brian HareUniversity of GroningenRevealing Lightning with the LOFAR radio telescope
June 213:15Patrick GröschelFAUMulti-path tolerant beacon localization using a high antenna-count receiver
June 2313:00Prasenjit SahaUniversity of ZurichNext-generation optical interferometry, or the return of Hanbury Brown and Twiss
June 3013:00Juergen SchmittHamburger SternwarteThe stellar content of the eROSITA all-sky survey
July 713:00Felix KlingDESYLooking forward to exciting physics with FASER

Winter Term 2021/22

October 2113:00Kay GrafECAPThe ECAP Laboratory
November 413:00Christian GlaserUppsala UniversityRadio Detection of High Energy Neutrinos and Deep Learning
December 213:00Georg LamerAIPTwo years of eROSITA all-sky surveys: The variable X-ray sky
December 1711:00Alberto DominguezComplutense University of MadridGalaxy evolution and cosmology using gamma rays observed with Fermi-LAT
January 1313:00Hans DembinskiTU DortmundThe Muon Puzzle in cosmic-ray induced air showers and its connection to the LHC
January 2713:00Hao ZhouSJTU, ChinaRecent highlights from the LHAASO observatory
February 1013:00Michael StelzigInstitute of Microwaves and Photonics (LHFT), FAURadar based exploration of subglacial structures

Summer Term 2021

April 2213:00Ruben Lopez CotoINFN PadovaTeV Halos and their connection to the local Leptonic Cosmic Ray flux
April  2913:00Raimund StraussTU MünchenCoherent neutrino scattering: from experimental challenges to new frontiers in neutrino physics
May 613:00Maryam ModjazNew York UniversityStellar Forensics with the Most Powerful Explosions in the Universe
June 1013:00Alexander KappesWWU MünsterRecent results from IceCube and the future of neutrino astronomy at the South Pole
June 1713:00Rodrigo Guedes LangECAPOrigin of UHECR: current status of a decades-long open question
June 2413:00Katharina-Sophie IsleifDESY, HamburgLight-Shining-Through-A-Wall: The ALPS II experiment at DESY

Summer Term 2020

June 1813:00Dieter HornsHamburg UniversityThe Crab nebula and pulsar – particle acceleration at the limit
July 213:00Muhammad KasimOxford UniversityUp to two billion times acceleration of scientific simulations with deep neural architecture search
July 3013:00Anita ReimerInnsbruck UniversityIdentifying sources of high-energy neutrinos of the AGN type: A theoretical approach

Winter Term 2019/20

Nov 713:00Sebastian BöserMainz UniversityProject 8 – towards a radio frequency measurement of the neutrino mass
Dec 513:00Eckhard SturmMPE, GarchingGRAVITY project: IR interferometry
Dec 1213:00Jörg HörandelNijmegen UniversityMeasuring the properties of cosmic rays with the radio technique
Jan 913:00Klaus DeschBonn UniversityAxions from Sun? Exploring the low-energy frontier with the IAXO experiment
Jan 1613:00Jim HintonMPIK, HeidelbergHAWC / SWGO
Jan 2313:00Brian RevilleMPIK, Heidelberg Cosmic-ray acceleration – limits and laboratories

Summer Term 2019

May 213:00Thorsten EnßlinMPIA, GarchingInformation field theory – turning data into images
Jun 613:00Lee ThompsonUniversity of SheffieldHyperKamiokande: a next generation long baseline neutrino experiment in Japan
Jun 1313:00Christian GlaserUC IrvineRadio detection of ultra-high energy neutrinos
Jun 2713:00Andreas HaungsKIT, KarlsruheCosmic rays between the knee and the ankle
Jul 413:00Iris GebauerKIT, KarlsruheIndirect Dark Matter Searches and Cosmic Ray Transport in the Era of AMS
Jul 1113:00Sara BusonUniversität WürzburgHigh-energy neutrinos from AGN?
Jul 1813:00Siegfried GlenzerStanford UniversityExploring extreme states of matter with an ultra-bright X-ray free-electron laser
Jul 2513:00Markus DemleitnerZAH HeidelbergThe VO And Why It Matters To You

Winter Term 2018/19

Nov 2213:00Anna FranckowiakDESY, ZeuthenSearching for electromagnetic counterparts to high-energy neutrinos
Dec 1313:00Thomas HeidECAPCharacterizing the diffuse neutrino flux with the future KM3NeT/ARCA detector (PhD defense)
Dec 2013:00Florian KühnelKTH StockholmPrimordial Black Holes as Dark Matter
Jan 1013:00Klaus HelbingUniversität WuppertalProbing Particle Physics with IceCube
Jan 3113:00Joachim PulsLMU MünchenOn the difficulties to derive reliable CNO abundances in hot massive stars
Feb 713:00Marijke HaverkornRadboud University NijmegenThe Magnetic Field of the Milky Way
Feb 1413:00Takaaki TanakaKyoto UniversityRecent Results from X-ray Studies of Supernova Remnants

Summer Term 2018

Apr 2513:00Christoph WenigerGRAPPA, AmsterdamDark matter searches with gamma rays
May 213:00Kay Graf & Stefan FunkECAPNews from the ECAP laboratory
May 1613:00Thomas JankaMPIA Garching3D core-collapse supernova modeling and applications to Cas A and other supernova remnants
May 2312:30Henning GastRWTH AachenLatest results from the AMS experiment on the International Space Station
May 3013:00Oliver HupePTB BraunschweigRadiation Protection Dosimetry: Phantoms and measuring quantities
Jun 613:00Michael SchulreichTU BerlinReconstructing the origin of the Local Bubble and Loop I via radioisotopic signatures on Earth
Jun 1313:00Adrian ZinkECAPUpdates of the ECAP desktop computing system
Jun 2013:00Frank HaberlMPE GarchingThe XMM-Newton surveys of the Magellanic Clouds
Jun 2713:00Bosco OruruMakerere University, UgandaStatus of Astronomy in East Africa: Focus on Uganda
Jul 413:00Gisela Anton / Joern WilmsECAPStatus report on IceCube-Gen2 / eROSITA
Jul 1114:00Andrea SantangeloIAA TübingenFundamental Physics studies with X-ray spectral-timing-polarimetry and the eXTP mission

Winter Term 2017/18

Oct 1813:00Anatoli FedynitchDESY, ZeuthenState-of-the-art atmospheric lepton flux Tools
Nov 2213:00Stefan JordanZAH HeidelbergThe Gaia Mission – Overview, First Results, and future prospects
Nov 2913:00Chris BelczynskiCopernicus Center WarsawThe Astrophysics of BH-BH/NS-NS Mergers with LIGO/Virgo
Dec 1313:00Jochen GreinerMPE GarchingThe gravitational wave detection of a binary neutron star merger: expectations, surprises, and prospects
Dec 2013:00Marek KowalskiHumboldt-University BerlinA new era in multi-messenger astronomy
Jan 2413:00Arne RauMPE GarchingOverview of Athena and the Wide Field Imager
Jan 3113:00Christian MotchObservatoire Astronomique StrasbourgSVOM – Space-based multiband astronomical Variable Objects Monitor
Feb 115:00Thorsten LiskerZAH HeidelbergSurvival in galaxy clusters: from ultra-diffuse to ultra-compact objects

Summer Term 2017

April 2613:00Abigail StevensUniversity of AmsterdamComparing origins of low-frequency quasi-periodic oscillations with spectral timing
May 1013:00Stefan GeißelsöderECAPPattern recognition and deep learning
May 1713:00Kathrin ValeriusKarlsruhe Institute of TechnologyStatus and prospects of direct neutrino mass searches: News from KATRIN and outlook on future projects
May 2311:00Jakob van SantenDESY, ZeuthenWhat’s new in IceCube?
May 2413:00Andrii NeronovEPFL, LausanneGalactic and extragalactic contributions to the astrophysical neutrino flux
May 3113:00Francesco LongoTrieste, INFNGRB observations at High and Very High Energy
June 713:00Philipp MertschRWTH AachenCosmic ray anisotropies: unravelling sources and transport
June 1413:00Alexander FieguthUniversität MünsterXENON1T & the challenge of direct dark matter detection
June 2113:00Harm SchoorlemmerMPI-K HeidelbergObserving the TeV gamma-ray sky with the High-Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory
June 2813:00Livia LudhovaForschungszentrum JülichJUNO: the first multi-kton liquid scintillator based neutrino detector
July 610:00Francois BrunUniversité de Bordeaux / CNRSThe H.E.S.S. Galactic Plane Survey
July 1213:00Laura SpitlerMPIfR BonnFast radio bursts
July 1912:00  ECAP Sommerfest
July 2613:00Stefan Funk / Uli KatzECAPStatus report on CTA / KM3NeT

Winter Term 2016/17

Oct. 2613:00Julian RautenbergUniversität WuppertalRadio detection of cosmic-ray air showers
Nov. 2313:00Timo KargDESY, ZeuthenIceCube: future vision and R&D
Nov. 3013:00Axel SchwoieAIP PotsdamThe Polars (still crazy after all those years)
Dec. 0713:00Daniel KümpelRWTH AachenHunting for ultra-high energy photons
Dec. 1413:00Stefan KlepserDESY, ZeuthenThe Population of Galactic TeV Plerions and a Major Electronics Upgrade for H.E.S.S.
Dec. 2113:00Walter AssmannTU MünchenThe sound of protons – ionoacoustic range monitoring in proton therapy
Jan. 1113:00Michael WurmJGU MainzTen years of Borexino: from solar to sterile neutrinos
Jan. 2513:00Christoph PfrommerHeidelberg Institute for Theoretical StudiesCosmic ray feedback in galaxies and AGN
Feb. 0113:00Thomas ReiprichArgelander Institut BonnGalaxy Clusters