KM3NeT Collaboration Award for ECAP Physicist Tamás Gál

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Tamás Gál at the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften Erlangen, 2019

At the current Collaboration meeting, the KM3NeT Collaboration awarded the first-ever Giorgos-Androulakis-Prize to ECAP early-career scientist Tamás Gál.

The KM3NeT Collaboration meets online this week to discuss the progress and future plans of construction, operation and analysing the data of its deep-sea neutrino detectors.

During the meeting, Tamás Gál – a PhD researcher from ECAP – has been awarded the first-ever KM3NeT impact award, the Giorgos-Androulakis-Prize for early-career scientists, named after the late quality manager of the Collaboration.

A further prize, for technicians and engineers, has been awarded to Edward Berbee from Nikhef, NL. In both cases, the prize is awarded for a contribution to the KM3NeT project that has a particularly high impact on the success or progress of KM3NeT.

Tamás was awarded the prize for his prominent role and numerous contributions in the development and maintenance of essential software tools for the collaboration, allowing the transformation of the KM3NeT software infrastructure into a modern software system; and for his continued dedication to provide documentation and support whenever needed in the most helpful way.

Kay Graf from ECAP, the KM3NeT software coordinator, comments: “Tamás has truly deserved this prize – what he has achieved, in parallel to his PhD work, is really incredible and has become indispensable for the further progess of KM3NeT.”