P-ONE Collaboration Meeting at ECAP

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The Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics (ECAP) hosted the week-long “P-ONE” Collaboration Meeting in the week of May 13-17, 2024.

P-ONE, the “Pacific Ocean Neutrino Experiment”, aims to construct a multi-cubic-kilometre neutrino telescope in the Pacific Ocean in order to add to the world-wide landscape of high-energy neutrino observatories and will expand our observable window of the Universe to the highest energies.

Due to its outstanding facilities, including the excellent meeting room downstairs, ECAP was able to accommodate close to 50 international participants to discuss the first “string” of instrumentation to be build, the next few strings after that (which have also already been funded) and, of course, the plans for the full detector planned soon afterwards. Physicists, oceanography experts, project managers, and engineers discussed all aspects of the project and planned the next crucial steps for the project.

In addition to a successful scientific meeting, participants were also able to explore Erlangen and participated in various activities outside of the meeting. With (mostly..) beautiful weather, there were frequent visits to beer gardens&restaurants after meeting days had concluded, many enjoyed riding bicycles to and from campus, and, starting from Thursday, many went to visit the Bergkirchweih!

All in all, ECAP was able to support an outstanding collaboration meeting which helped to project to be ready to take its next steps in constructing the first string of P-ONE and many more afterwards.