P-ONE Workshop at ECAP

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The Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics (ECAP) hosted a workshop on the science prospects and optimization of P-ONE in the second week of January.
Over the course of three days, and despite freezing temperatures and train strikes, about 18 young (and young at heart) researchers gathered at ECAP.
The participants presented, discussed and dissected the existing simulation and analysis pipelines to identify missing bits and pieces.
Two goals were at the core of the discussions: identifying the main science goals for optimizing the P-ONE geometry and readying the simulation pipeline for comparison to first-light data of the first P-ONE string, P-ONE-1.
A crucial hurdle is, as most neutrino astronomers can relate to, the efficient production of atmospheric background Monte-Carlo data.
Besides the scientific topics, also guidelines for software management and analysis procedures were outlined.
While much is still left to be done, the participants were confident that prospects on the science capabilities of P-ONE will be ready for the summer conferences.
The collaborative spirit exhibited at the workshop sets a promising tone for the next steps in the design of P-ONE.