Steffen Hallmann awarded GNN dissertation prize

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At the 2022 IceCube Collaboration Meeting in Brussels, Dr. Steffen Hallmann, who graduated in 2020 with his thesis  Sensitivity to atmospheric tau-neutrino appearance and all-flavour search for neutrinos from the Fermi Bubbles with the deep-sea telescopes KM3NeT/ORCA and ANTARES was awarded the GNN dissertation prize. The Global Neutrino Network (GNN) awards this prize to recent graduates who “have written an outstanding thesis and contributed significantly to the project. Primary criteria of the selection are the scientific quality, the didactics and the form of the thesis.”

We congratulate ECAP alumni Steffen on this prestigious award. He is currently working as post-doctoral researcher at DESY on RNO-G and IceCube-Gen2.