Uli Katz elected new chair of the Global Neutrino Network

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At its annual meeting, held in Marseille 7-8 October 2017, the Board of the Global Neutrino Network (GNN) unanimously elected Prof. Dr. Uli Katz from the ECAP/FAU as its new chair. Uli Katz took over the chairmanship from Dr. Christian Spiering from DESY-Zeuthen, whose mandate as the first chair person of the network ended four years after GNN was founded.

The Global Neutrino Network is an umbrella organisation of the neutrino telescope experiments worldwide: ANTARES and KM3NeT in the Mediterranean Sea, IceCube at the South Pole and Baikal/GVD in the Siberian Lake Baikal. GNN provides a forum for scientific and technological exchange, for common data analyses, and for strategic discussion and decisions.