Art contest for the new ECAP Laboratory

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An art contest was held recently for the under-construction ECAP Laboratory building, which will host a permanent installation in or around the building. From several submissions the winner was decided by a jury as artist duo Anklam Henninger. Their work titled “Lichtgewicht” (light weight) will be placed in the courtyard of the building, where it will dynamically change based on the time of day: During the day, a solar panel will charge a battery, which will power a lamp on the other side of a pole at night. While the battery is charging, the balance of the pole will be such that the solar panel will be lower than the lamp; during night, when the lamp is on, this will switch, indicating the “weight” of light.

For further information about the art contest, read the press release by the Bauamt Erlangen-Nürnberg.