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Phase-contrast imaging for Laboratory Astrophysics



X-ray phase-contrast imaging enables the retrieval of the areal electron-density distribution in a sample probed by X-rays. Propagation-based and grating-based X-ray phase-contrast imaging are full-field imaging techniques by which the electron-density distribution can be retrieved with a single acquisition. This single-shot imaging method is essential for the acquisition of the processes and dynamics of laser-shocked plasmas.

Our group is engaged in different imaging tools for electron density retrieval in the X-ray regime at poly- as well as monochromatic sources. We aim at the observation and the analysis of dynamic processes via single-shot acquisition. Furthermore, we are looking for potential applications of X-ray phase-contrast imaging on plasma physics especially with regard to the field of laboratory astrophysics (see e.g. testing of shock waves in the laboratory). In collaboration with plasma physics groups the developed imaging tools can be tested at real and simulated plasmas.

Computer simulations

Computer simulations of the turbulent structure of the magnetic field in counter streaming shock waves (Bild: Frederico Fiuza/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)